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Spring Gala Line Up REVISION 3

Happy Monday.

Due to the removal of a routine, we have a revised schedule. Nothing has changed except the times and routine number.

TIMES REVISED!! We also went ahead and allowed 3 minutes 30 seconds per routine verses the 4 minutes we originally stated. THIS WILL CHANGE THE TIME OF YOUR ROUTINE AND ARRIVAL TIMES.

Please be in the venue no later than 30 minutes prior to the ACT you dance in. We will not hold the show or return to a routine for dancer's that are not in the venue.

A few things to note when looking at the line-up.

  • ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE. Plan on the show running ahead. Arrive to the facility NO later than 30 minutes prior to the Act you dance in.

  • Feel free to watch the whole show! We love to support other dancer's and see what everyone has been working on.

  • Feel free to come and go. Please do so between ROUTINES so you are not disrupting the audience or distracting the dancers on stage.