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We strive to create a comfortable and safe learning environment for each of our students. Below are our studio policies to create such a space. You may also download them (to your right). Each welcome packet will include a student handbook for you to keep and reference.

Policies may be changed at any time, at the discretion of the directors of the school.

Pricing 2020-2021

Pay as You Go Rates

If you are unable to commit to the round, we do have a drop in rate for our 1 hour classes and 1.5 hour classes. A registration fee will also be charged when you initial attend.

1 Hour Class

$20.00 / Class

1.5 Hour Class

$24.00 / Class

Calculate Your Rate

  1. Count the number of classes the individual dancer or family of dancers will be enrolling in. (Follow the top row to determine rate group).

  2. Look at how many minutes or hours the class is held for. (Use our season schedule to determine this).

  3. Figure out the rate for each of the classes enrolling in and add them together.

  4. Multiple the total times 4 (4 weeks per round).

  5. This total will be your tuition rate per round.

  6. Please call or ask us for assistance if you are having a hard time determining your rate or if you have any questions.



Jane Dancer
Enrolling in 4 classes

Ballet 7 - 1.5 hours $17.75
Pointe 2 - 1 hour $13.75
Lyrical 4 - 1 hour $13.75
Jazz 7 - 1 hour $13.75

Total tuition per week $59.00
Multiple times 4 weeks per round  x4

Total Cost Per Round $236.00

Additional Rates

Season Registration Fee

$30.00 / Student  ($60 family max)

Unlimited Rate

$330.00 / Round
Per individual Student (multiple family members would each need their own unlimited plan). Unlimited Rate includes 30 minute classes (with the exception of 30 Minute Itty Bitty Ballet or Itty Bitty Tap). Best rate when taking 7+ Classes.


* 30 Minute Class

$9.00 / Class
30 Minute classes are not included in the class discount program. They are included with the unlimited Rate (with the exception of Itty Bitty Ballet and Itty Bitty Tap).

Parent Rate

$9.00 / Class

To receive the parent rate, one child must be enrolled in class at Gasper’s School of Dance. The parent rate is not included in the discount program as it is already a discounted rate. The $25 registration fee will apply.

College Rate

$9.00 / Class
Must present a college ID to receive this rate. The $25 registration fee will be applied to your first class or first bill. College Rate is not included in the discount program as it is already a discounted rate.

Gasper's School of Dance invoicings in 4 week rounds (note this may not follow a month to month calendar, please view our Calendar page for payment due dates). 

We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card and ACH payments. We also have an auto-pay option. 

* Your child must be enrolled in a class to receive the parent rate.

* Gasper's Academy is a separate program we offer. The price is in addition to evening class pricing. 

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