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Gasper's School of Dance invoices in 4-week rounds (note this may not follow a month to month calendar, please view our Calendar page for payment due dates). 

We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card and ACH payments. We also have an auto-pay option. Payments are due the FIRST MONDAY OF THE ROUND. 


  • Tuition for the next round will be invoiced the first week of the current round.

  • Drop Deadline is 2 MONDAYS prior to the new round. If you drop after this date you will be responsible for the next round of payment. 

  • All accounts will be set on auto-pay. These payments are processed the THURSDAY before the new round (deducted from your account on the MONDAY of the new Round.

    • To avoid an autopay, BY WEDNESDAY the week before the new round, pay your tuition through your online account, by check or cash at the studio.

  • If tuition was not auto paid or paid prior to the new round due to issues with your account, you will receive a $15.00 late fee each round the tuition is late.

  • There is an automatic 3.5% processing fee on all credit card and debit card payments through our Studio Management system.

  • AVOID the process fee by signing up through the studio for Bank ACH. There are ZERO fees associated with this. Bring a BLANK & VOIDED check to the studio to sign up. 

  • A 2% Late fee will also occur on Private Lesson, Coaching Sessions, and Choreography, as well as merchandise, Spring Gala Costumes, and any other non-tuition item on your account if not paid by the date of the lesson and every 30 days after if still remaining unpaid.



The hours of class per week is counted toward the whole immediate family.


* Parent classes taken and 30 minute Novice classes do not count toward class tuition family discounts. Unless a novice dancer takes two 30-minute classes.

+ Individual Unlimited Rate Max. 

~ Family Unlimited Rate Max.



If you are unable to commit to the round, we do have a drop in rate for our 1 hour classes and 1.5 hour classes. A registration fee will also be charged when you initial attend.

1 Hour Class


1.5 Hour Class




Season Registration Fee

$30.00 / Student ($50 family max)

Summer Registration Fee

$15.00 / Student ($40 family max)

Unlimited STUDENT Rate

$380.00 / Round
Per individual Student (multiple family members would each need their own unlimited plan). Unlimited Rate includes 30 minute classes (with the exception of 30 Minute Itty Bitty Ballet or Itty Bitty Tap). Best rate when taking 7+ Classes.

Unlimited FAMILY Rate

$650.00 / Round
Per family tuition max. This Unlimited Family Rate is good for immediate family members only and must be paid under on account. A $30 ($60 family max) registration fee will apply per dancer.

Parent Rate

$12.00 / Class

To receive the parent rate, one child must be enrolled in class at Gasper’s School of Dance. The parent rate is not included in the discount program as it is already a discounted rate. The $30 registration fee will apply. No additional discounts will apply.

College Rate

$10.00 per Class (1 Hour Classes)

$15.00 per Class (1.5 Hour Classes)

$9.00 per Class (0.75 Hour Classes)
Must present a college ID to receive this rate. The $30 registration fee will be applied to your first class or first bill. College Rate is not included in the discount program as it is already a discounted rate.

GSD Student Studio Rental for Practice

$30.00 per hour

* Your child must be enrolled in a class to receive the parent rate.

* Gasper's Conservatory is a separate program we offer. The price is in addition to evening class pricing. 



Private Lessons can be set up through the front desk or with an instructor directly. These lessons have an additional cost. 

PRIVATE LESSON: $75.00 / Hour

COACHING: $50.00 / Hour

CHOREOGRAPHY: $375.00 per routine

All Private Lesson, Coaching and Choreography payments are due the day of the lesson. If not paid by the lesson date you will be charged a 2% late fee that will reoccur every 30 days until paid in full.

Review our private lesson policies before you book your lesson.



Outside Group Rental Rates. Please visit rental rates page on our website. 

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