2021 - 2022 SEASON

Season Dates

We offer a variety of classes from Ballet to Hip Hop; as well as all levels of dance from 3 years old through adults. Please call (701-234-9440) or stop by for placement and more information regarding our classes and our class schedule.

Class Placement

Remember, your dancer will spend 2-3 years in dance styles with 8 levels and 2-4 years in dance styles with 5 or less levels. For example: we do not have 13 levels of ballet for students to move up a level each year. Also, certain skills need to be demonstrated and comprehended well before advancing.

NEW Students

Don't hesitate to call or stop by the studio for class recommendations and putting together a schedule that will help you grow as a dancer.


Class Schedule, Classes, Class times - Subject to change.

Updated: 07/27/2021