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We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of dance training. Mature instructors with professional backgrounds lead classes. Below is a description of our classes. We are here to assist with placement of you or your child to make sure they are getting the best out of their classes.



Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Traditional Ballet class consists of Technique, Barre, Centerwork, Adage, Allegro, and combinations that take you across the floor, making this class yet challenging.  Our progressive syllabus promotes Proper technique, placement, turn out, flexibility, musicality, and performance.

1 - 8 | Teen | Adult | Novice




Pointe technique relies heavy on a dancers ballet training. Pointe means the tip of the toe and therefore dancers are dancing up on their toes in pointe shoes. Due to the development of a young dancer, the studio director or pointe instructor advice when a student is ready for pointe.


Pre-Pointe class helps develop the strength in a dancers ankles and feet to get them ready to go en pointe.  

Pre-Pointe, Pointe 1-3



Novice Ballet

Itty Bitty Ballet and Pre-Ballet are for our beginning youth dancers ages 3-6. These classes introduce basic ballet concepts, creative movement, rhythm and music, in a structured class setting. This class also helps to develop confidence and leadership for these little performers.

Novice | Ages 3-6



Musical Theatre

Nail that next audition! Be confident with your dancing! Get ready for your school musical. Musical theatre dance is based around the style of Jazz. The class works not only on the classic Jazz style, but styles of dance seen on the Musical Theatre stage today. Music played during warm-up, progressions across the floor and the combination are from your favorite or undiscovered musicals.

1-3 | Teen 1 - 2, Advanced




In this class, dancers will learn basic tumbling and gymnastic skills that they can pair with their dancing technique and training.

1 - 2



Novice Tap & Jazz

An introduction class for 3-6 year olds of Tap or Jazz (depending on the class you register for). This class will explore the movement and rhythm of this dance style with the training they have learned thus far from Itty Bitty Ballet and Pre-Ballet.


Pre-requisite: Itty Bitty or Pre-Ballet.

Dancer's will need Tap shoes for Tap Class.

Novice | Ages 3-6




Character is the study of Russian Folk dance. This stylized dance style is a sub division of Ballet. It has a European and Russian influence.

Intermediate & Advanced




Jazz is an American dance form that includes fast paced movements to current popular and classical jazz music. A dancer will develop strong technique, flexibility, and confidence, while learning rhythm musicality.

1 - 8 | Teen



Hip Hop

This intense, high energy style of dance will leave you sweaty and ready to bust your moves on the dance floor! Fun choreography to today’s popular yet age appropriate music. Where technique meets SWAG.

1 - 4



Fitness for the Dancer

Dance is a physical sport and art form, it demands a lot of our bodies and we want to make sure we take care of our bodies. Conditioning will do just that. This is a dancer based fitness class aimed to help condition a dancers body both with fitness and strength exercises. (There is equipment requirement that dancers must bring for this class).

Ages 12+




A true American art form. Tap is the fusion of percussion, dance, rhythm, and speed. Making music with your feet. Learn complex rhythmic patterns, clean dance lines, and style.

1 - 5 | Teens 1 - 2 | Adults 1 - 2




Variations class is the study of classical ballet dances or solo variations from ballets. These variations may include choreography from FMBallet's repertoire. Dancer's should be at an intermediate to advance level and will be en pointe for portions of the class.

Intermediate & Advanced




One of the many dance styles under the umbrella of Jazz. This class takes movement and technique from both Jazz and Ballet to tell a story. Strong, emotional, and passionate; Lyrical helps connect the dancers to true feelings while dancing.

1 - 5 | Teen




Modern expands on traditional ballet technique. It is a creation of movement to fit a dancers mood, feeling, and purpose. With a ballet base, a dancer can work to explore letting go, while maintaining technique.




Dance Tech

Dance Tech is a supplemental dance class for dancers to work on turns, leaps, stretching, and dance skills. This class is great for dancers looking to enhance their skills in their technique classes or for a performance team. Dance Tech will give dancers extra time on skills that are not focused in regular classes where dance foundation and technique is the primary focus. During Dance Tech the skills will be taught to the dancer properly and certain skills will need to be mastered before trying tricks, turns, leaps and stretches.

1 - 3


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