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Performance Hair & Makeup

When performing under the BRIGHT lights of a stage, it is always good to brighten your dancers face. As well has have hair secured back neat and nice.

Here are a few tutorials to help you prepare you or your dancer for the Spring Gala stage.


All ballet classes are required to wear their hair in a ballet bun (in class) and on the stage. There are many styles of ballet buns and for consistency we ask that dancers wear a ballet bun on the crown of their head.

Because there is often not a lot of time for dancers to change costume and hair, we highly recommend that ALL dancers wear their hair in a ballet bun for a clean and simple look.

Products we suggest you have on hand:

  • Quality bobby pins (lots of them)

  • Hair net

  • Hair Spray

  • Gel

  • Brush and or Comb

  • Ponytail Holders

  • Squirt bottle with water (optional)


As mentioned above, with the bright lights in a theatre it will often wash out a dancer, making them look pale. Obviously on those young dancers we are just looking for rosy cheeks and some color to their lips. For lips for younger dancers and males -- we suggest 1-2 shades darker than their lip color. For blush, think pinched pink cheeks.

Here are a few videos to help you get started.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we can help you out!


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