2019 - 2020 Performance Team

Audition turn out

Thank you to everyone who turned out for our 2019 - 2020 Performance Team auditions this season. It was great to see a full room.

It is never an easy decision to put teams together. We base this off of many factors, similar age and ability. We want our teams to thrive as a unit.

If you didn't make the team this season, keep on training and dancing. Everyone did a wonderful job, so don't feel like you failed the audition.

Alright onto our 2019 - 2020 Teams! Please note that team practices start THIS week. We will have a schedule for Large group practice and Full teams meeting soon.

Pro Team

Mondays 5:10pm - 7:10pm | GSD South (Mr. Matt & Ms. Liz)

Anna Alm

Mateo Leslie

Drew Noah

Marisa Pace

Prima Team

Tuesdays 7:10pm - 9:30pm | GSD South (Ms. Liz)

Anna Alm

Kate Hardy