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Competition / G Crew Auditions

Auditions for our 2016-2017 Competition Season and G Crew season will take place this Saturday, September 3rd at 3pm.

Competition Audition Information

  • Open to ages 6 - 18

  • All levels of dance

  • Able to commit to the season (September - Recital, May 2017)

  • Audition form filled out

  • Come ready to dance

  • You will be given a short combination

  • Asked to share any tricks or special dance talent (tumbling, break-dancing, etc)

  • Flexibility

  • Turns

The competition teams focus on styles of ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary/lyrical, pointe, hip hop, and musical theatre.

All competition rehearsals and competitions are mandatory. Rehearsals take place Saturday's from 3pm - 6pm. As well as additional rehearsals during the week (TBD after auditions), including Sunday's closer to competitions.

G Crew Audition Information

Same as above.

What is G Crew?

G Crew is a new team at GSD. This team meets on Friday's from 5:05 - 6:05pm. This team will perform at in-town competitions, as well as additional venues in the FM area throughout the season (this could include basketball games, football games, West Acre Mall events, etc).

G Crew will focus on styles in Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary and/or Ballet.

What is the difference?

Our competition teams have more time commitment in rehearsing and performing. There is travel required and more rehearsal times to commit to.

G Crew is for a person looking for less commitment in travel and rehearsal time, but also being able to have the opportunity to perform.

Both teams offer great opporunities for our students in creating a bond with teammates, as well as being able to work on their technique and skills and bringing it to the stage. Performance helps with confidence as not only a dancer, but as a person.

We look forward to seeing you at Auditions!

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