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World Ballet Day

In a dancers life, everyday is World Ballet Day. We eat, sleep, and breathe dance. Everyone who steps on to the marley leaves a piece of themselves there. Some go on to be professional Ballet dancers & Broadway stars, some teach, and some of us are even judges of World of Dance or SYTYCD sitting on our couches with a bag of Cheetos saying “pshh I could do that” or “ I used to do that”.

Ballet has this funny way of bringing people together. Obviously every show you’re in, every class you take, you form bonds with your fellow dancers, but also in everyday life. When I am on the subway and I see someone standing in 5th position reading a book, or look over at the girl with perfect posture with her hair perfectly quaffed in a bun. You notice those things. Because dance, Ballet is not what you do. It’s who you are. It forms you, it embodies you. It takes a perfectly ordinary man, puts him on a stage, and all of a sudden he’s a prince. It takes an average girl and turns her into a swan.

For those of us lucky enough to grow up with Ballet in our blood, it stays with us. Whether or not you go on to be a Prima Ballerina, a Lawyer, a Dentist, a Teacher…when you’ve grown you carry it with you. All of the aches and pains, all of the money spent, tears shed, I’m not going so they disappear because I still vividly remember it all. But how incredible it is that I got to be a Dancer.

-Mackenzie Larson



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