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Spring Gala Tickets 2021 - Information

Our 2021 Spring Gala is less than a month away! We are thrilled to be able to perform on a stage again and create a NEW experience at Trollwood Performing Arts School / Bluestem Amphitheater on Sunday, May 16, 2021.

As of April 23, TICKETS ARE NOT ON SALE YET, as we are running into set up issues for the past week. We apologize for the delay. We are working with our ticketing company to quickly fix the issues before they go on sale. Thank you for your patience.

Due to COVID we do have restrictions with the State of Minnesota.

  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED at the venue. Yes, even though it is an outdoor event.

  • EACH DANCER can only have 3 people in attendance due to the restrictions of audience size.

  • Dancer's participating in our Spring Gala will NOT need a ticket to watch the show. They will receive a wrist band the week of the recital that they will need to wear to enter (these should be worn at all times at the performance venue).

  • A 2021 Spring Gala Performance video will be available for purchase.

  • Feel free to come and go. Wristbands will be provided at the door and used for re-entrance.

    • General Admission attendees will need pack up their personal items if they choose to leave and return. If they are left behind, one of our volunteers or staff members will put it in the lost & found.

    • Reserved Seating ticket holders will have a specific assigned seat.

    • If you leave the performance at anytime, PLEASE WAIT to leave between pieces. Do no get up in the middle of a dance number. Be respectful to those around you, as someone's dancer may be on stage at that moment.

We will release a FULL detail announcement in the next few days.

In the past we had THREE productions. This season we are just holding one (long) production. This means, you are saving on TICKETS!

Ticket Costs

Reserved Seating (Purple Area)

Adults: $25.00

Children/Students (non-recital participant): $15.00

General Admission Seating (Blue, Green and Orange Areas)

Adults: $18.00

Children/Students (non-recital participant): $12.00

Seating Chart Information

Here is the seating chart. A little bit of information regarding it.

  • Areas in PURPLE will be blocked off for social distancing purposes. The seats in purple are reserved seating.

  • While the areas in blue, green and orange are general admission.

  • We will only be selling a certain amount of tickets in these areas to keep people safe and to stay within our capacity.

Gasper's Bluestem Seating Chart

Please note that everyone will need to purchase a ticket, even children under the age of 2. Due to the capacity limitations we have.



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