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Let’s Stay Healthy

With Covid cases on the rise in North Dakota and across the country, we continue to monitor and make decisions to keep our dancers dancing! This week we have a few minor changes to continue to do our part and keep our dancers and staff safe and healthy!

Masks Upon Entering

After a great first week of classes! After evaluating our lobby spaces and the first week, we have decided that all dancers and anyone entering the building should be masked upon entering. And keep their mask on in common areas.

We have not changed the in-class policy of leaving the option up to your families. But HIGHLY RECOMMEND per the CDC that all unvaccinated dancers and staff wear a mask.

We continue to have class sizes safe for dancers to social distance, and we were proud that many students took it upon themselves last week to distance from those around them. We also communicate with dancers to continue to social distance as they train your dancers.

Are You Sick?

Prior to entering the building you will see a sign with questions. If you answer yes to any of these questions, we ask that your dancer head home and zoom into class. We really want to do our part to keep a healthy studio. You will see this sign throughout our studios And front door.

If anyone in your household is ill, please keep your dancer home and ZOOM their class, or call us for a make-up class option. We just want to make sure everyone in the studio is healthy so we can continue our dance season and not have to close our doors to an outbreak.

THANK YOU for understanding and doing your part as well.



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