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Introducing DEMI TEAM

As our first competition is only a few weeks away, we want to start introducing our Competition Teams! To start out, lets Meet our DEMI division. This team is an introductory to performance dance and competition They attend 2 local competitions each season and are required to take less classes throughout the year. They are a great group of dancers who love to dance and make that clear when they are performing. Taught by Ms. Laura Kuhn this season, this group is sure to wow the judges with their awesome dances, and great performance!

We asked the girls a few questions to get to know them better, check down below to see their answers. Good luck this season girls!

Amelia Hengel:

What grade are you in?

-5th Grade

Favorite thing about dance?

-Learning new styles

Favorite thing outside of dance?

-Hanging out with friends!

What do you want to do when you grow up?

-A veterinarian