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Dress Code Changes - Ballet Dress Code

We are simplifying our dress code and hopefully getting you some more mileage out of the leotards you own or purchase in the future. Today we will start with our Ballet Class Dress Code, in the following days and weeks we will share dress code for our other styles, so you are ready for the season with your dance attire.

Pre-orders for Novice Ballet - Ballet 6 will begin today. You will also be able to purchase a leotard for these levels from our studio, we try to keep all these colors and sizes stocked throughout the season; along with tights and ballet slippers.

We have also discounted our past leotard colors that we are no longer using, these can be worn in all other styles of dance, so pick-up a discounted leotard today from our online shop or studio before they are gone.

Later this season we will also introduce our buy-back program. Keep your eyes on buy-back information coming this fall.


Novice Level (Itty Bitty & Pre):

  • Light Pink Leotard (skirt attached optional),

  • pink ballet tights,

  • pink ballet shoes

  • hair In a ballet bun (no ponytails or hair down)