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2021 Winter Dance Intensive

Join us during Winter Break for a 3-Day Dance Intensive at our Downtown Studio.

This intensive will take place in the evening of December 28 - December 30. And is open to dancers ages 6+. Dancers will train in a variety of dance styles from Ballet to Jazz to Contemporary, and other to be announced styles.

Dancers will receive training for top-notch dance professionals from Gasper's School of Dance, as well as Guest Instructors. Don't miss the opportunity to continue to improve your technique and training.

ALL levels must have at least 6 dancers registered for the intensive to take place. Times subject to change.

Register at:


Our beginner workshop will include 3 hours of dance each evening from 4:30pm - 7:30pm (times may vary or change). The three hours include ballet, jazz and contemporary each evening to help the dancer continue their training and grow as a dancer and artist.

The Beginning Intensive is open to dancers ages 6+. These dancers are at a Ballet Level 1, 2, Ballet Teen, or Ballet Beginning level at Gasper's School of Dance or other studio.

Cost: $125 (Includes 3 evenings of dance. Total of 9 hours of dance)


Dancers in our Int / Adv / Pre-Professional level will take 4.5 hours of dance each evening. Approximate time scheduled is 4pm - 8:30pm. Dancers will train in ballet, jazz, contemporary and styles to be announced.

Dancers who register for this level will be placed based on leveling of those who are registered. We will be looking at the best way that each individual dancer will grow during this intensive when we work on placement of the dancer.

Cost: $200 (Includes all 3 evenings of dance. Total of 13.50 hours of dance)


  • Black leotard, pink tights, hair in a neat ballet bun.

  • Dancer's may add leggings or dance shorts for Jazz and Contemporary classes.

  • Dancer's should bring ballet, jazz, pointe (if en pointe), and character shoes (Int/Adv/Pre-Prof level only, if they own a pair) to the intensive


  • Black ballet tights or athletic pants

  • Solid black or white t-shirt or tank top

  • Unitard is fine as well

  • Shoes: Ballet Shoes, Jazz Shoes, and any additional shoes they may think they need

Register at:


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