Ovation Dance Challenge -Schedule

Hello Dance Families!

Below is the tentative schedule for Ovation Dance Challenge. Remember they have LIVE video watching through their website (www.Ovationdance.com). So share the link with family and friends to watch your dancer.

Awards are roughly 8:30PM on Friday, and 10:30am, 2:30pm, 6:30pm on Saturday. Doors open Friday at 4:00pm, Saturday at 7:30am. The times listed are the APPROXIMATE start times for the routines. We ask that you check in with our Backstage Manager at least 1 hour prior to the routine start time and be ready to dance at that time.


117 MATEO LESLIELE 'CORSAIRE' (Solo Senior Ballet Elite) 06/26/2020 05:56 PM

125 MATEO LESLIE 'JAIGANTIC' (Solo Senior Contemporary Elite) 06/26/2020 06:25 PM

130 MATEO LESLIE 'THERAPY SESSION' (Solo Senior Open Elite) 06/26/2020 06:52 PM

139 MATEO LESLIE 'THIS IS IT' (Solo Senior Tap Elite) 06/26/2020 07:24 PM


168 AUDREY DORSEY 'AMAZING MAYZIE' (Solo Petite Character/Musical Theatre Intermediate) 06/27/2020 09:21 AM

189 HARPER DITTEMORE 'SPIRIT' (Solo Petite Lyrical Intermediate) 06/27/2020 10:51 AM

190 AUDREY DORSEY 'ONCE UPON A TIME' (Solo Petite Lyrical Intermediate) 06/27/2020 10:55 AM

221 ALEX KIRCH 'KIDS' (Solo Junior Character/Musical Theatre Elite) 06/27/2020 01:16 PM

231 ALEX KIRCH 'CAN YOU DO THIS' (Solo Junior Jazz Elite) 06/27/2020 01:55 PM

282 JAMES KIRCH 'SIR DUKE' (Solo Teens Tap Elite) 06/27/2020 05:50 PM

295 James & Alex 'BFF' (Duo/Trio Teens Tap Elite)

06/27/2020 06:37 PM