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Studio Announcements | June 1-6, 2020

We are in the middle of Spring Gala recording week! We are working hard to get all our classes recorded and spending the next week or so formatting them together for Spring Gala Virtual performances for LIVE viewing parties. Stay tune to sign-up to attend a free live viewing party.

Below are the announcements for this week.


Spring Gala Recording Week

All this week we are recording each of the classes through Zoom. So far things are going great and everyone is doing an amazing job! CONGRATULATIONS to those who have already recorded, you did amazing! Once this week is over, we will be compiling ALL the videos into 3 Virtual Dance Galas that we will be airing through Zoom Viewing Parties at the end of June. More information will be released soon on how to tune into one of the parties. These viewing parties will be FREE. On your side you just need to set up the dance space for your dancer. WE do all the recording. We are also looking to have the our Virtual Dance Gala for sale in DVD form. We will get you more information when we have it.


Spring Gala Photos

If you are interested in having professional photos taken in this years Spring Gala costume(s), we have our photographer's Best of Times Photography here at the studio June 24 & 25. You can sign up for a time slot on their website through the link below.

Studio Policies for Photo Day

  • Dancer's must arrive in costume and photo ready.

  • If dancer is in multiple dances, they should wear a nude or black leotard under their costume, as they will need to change in the studio space. We have a partitioned area for changing. This will be sanitized after each dancer.

  • Each costume has a 5 minute time slot, so if you have multiple dances / dancers sign-up for multiple time slots (One 5 minute time for each costume).

  • Locker / dressing rooms are closed for the summer, they will not be able to use during photo day.

  • Only 1 restroom will be open this summer, this is for restroom use only, not for changing into costumes for photo day.

  • Only 1 parent or guardian is allowed to attend with the dancer(s) and will be required to wear a mask.

  • No additional siblings, friends or family members will be allowed in the studio during the photo shoot time. Lobby is closed.


June Dance Session

In June we will begin to have classes in the studio again with limited enrollment. We also have online Zoom classes. Our Novice Classes are limited to 5 dancers, all Downtown classes are limited to 7 dancers, and currently our South Studio is limited to 5 dancers. If there is an in-studio class you would like to attend through Zoom, please email us to let us know. We have an updated schedule on our website including an addition of Gasper Conservatory, which will take place in the morning Monday - Wednesday. This is for intermediate - advanced dancers. Join us this June to DANCE!


Spring Gala 2020 T-Shirt

This is your last chance to purchase a 2020 Spring Gala T-shirt. You have until June 9th to get your one-of-a-kind tee. Don't miss out. These shirts are super soft Bella + Canva t-shirts.
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