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Spring Gala Update | 05.24.2020

Hello dance families.

Here is the update for our 2020 Spring Gala.

We really wanted to close the season with a performance. Whether we figured something out in person or virtually. For the safety of our staff, our dancers, and our families, we have decided to go the route of a Virtual Spring Gala. We are excited that this is an option and that our dancers can still perform.

What does this mean?

  • The week of June 1 - 6, 2020 we will be having REGULAR CLASS.

  • We ask that your dancer is "Recital Ready", they have their costume on and hair neatly in a bun. Make-up is optional.

  • During their class time we will be recording their piece during the ZOOM Class.

  • During the week and the following week, Lacey will be compiling ALL these videos into "Spring Gala performances".

  • During the week of June 23 (we believe), we will be setting up Viewing Parties to watch these performances. So you can invite grandparents, aunts and uncles to the viewing party to watch the recital. NO CHARGE!

  • We are figuring out the BEST platform for the viewing party. Sites like Facebook and YouTube will shut down the video due to the music used. We will let you know more information soon.

Thank you for being patient with us as we figure out the best way for our studio to present our Spring Gala. We toiled around with so many ideas and we feel this is a great option and safest for all, while still bringing a performance to our students and families.

Setting Up A Dance Performance Space

For your last ZOOM class of the season please consider your dance space. Here are some tips for performance day!

  • LIGHTS // Find a space that has good lighting. Make sure your light source isn't from behind. It will make it difficult to see your dancer. Have the light source come from the front.

  • ​IDEAS: Have your dancer stand facing a window with the camera in front of them.

  • SPACE // Help your dancer with marking out their dance space. How far left and right they can go without going off camera.

  • You could tape out the area with painters tape

  • Use towels or blankets along the sides works too!

  • Make sure your dancer is in full view of the camera so we can see their whole body and not just their head or feet (if possible). If you can only get head or feet, we would love to see their smiling faces.

Can we purchase a DVD of the Spring Gala?

We are working on this option. Since we are already compiling the video for LIVE Viewing parties, we are looking at selling them in DVD form. More information coming soon, once we figure out the cost of supplies and time put into creating one, we will have a price and how to purchase one. We are doing this ALL in-house, so please be patient.

Costume Picture Day

We think it will be great closure to our season if your dancer has pictures in their costumes! Best of Times Photography has agreed to hold Spring Gala Costume Picture Days at our Studio June 24 & 25. They are currently working on a schedule and sign-up on their website. We will pass along the information once we receive it.

The photos will be taken at our Downtown Studio. Summer Studio protocols coming soon.

Thank you again! We look forward to having a unique Spring Gala this season!!! One to always remember!

-- Matt & Lacey Gasper

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