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Studio Announcements | May 11 - 16

Below you will find highlights from the newsletter.


Costume Pick-Up Information

We have scheduled our Spring Gala Costume pick-up for MAY 18 - 22 AND May 25 - 29. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY. (Also located on our website & parent portal). Due to COVID-19, we have a few procedures you will need to follow to pick up your dancer(s) costumes this season.

  1. Dancer’s costumes will be placed in the vestibule (entryway) of the DOWNTOWN STUDIO, the door will be propped open weather permitting, and your costume(s) will be on the white table.

  2. Please arrive ON TIME for your costume pick-up, if you are late you must sign up for an alternative time.

  3. We ask that you limit the amount of people to enter the studio's entryway to 1 person.

  4. Amenities at GSD will be closed during pick up times (restrooms, water fountain, locker rooms, and payment processing.)

  5. Please respect 6 feet of spatial distancing and utilize face masks.

  6. If you have more than one dancer in your family, you only need to sign-up one student, we will pull all costumes for your family.

  7. Tuition through Round 9 must be paid in full, as well as your costume payment or a payment plan must be in effect.

You can sign-up for a time slot through your parent portal under (how-to document linked below)

  • MORE (found at the top of your screen)


REMINDER: You only need 1 time slot per family. We will gather ALL costumes for your dancer(s) and their classes. ALL dancers (downtown and south students) will pick-up their costume at our DOWNTOWN STUDIO. No costumes will be at the South Studio. Please note, due to COVID-19 and facilities shut down throughout the United States, some of our costumes have not arrived on time. If this effects you, we will contact you via email. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Spring Gala 2020 - Virtual Recital

2020 Gala Poster

This has been a hard decision for us to make, but for the safety of our instructors, staff, students and families, as well as the regulations in place, we will be holding a VIRTUAL SPRING GALA this season. It is important to us to conclude the year with a performance. This is an opportunity for both dancers, instructors and the studio to have closure to a season. Obviously, this is not our ideal circumstances and we really just want to stay positive and make the best of our options. We are working on more detailed information to send you, but in the meantime, EACH class will perform the night of their class, no need to set a special day aside. Again, we are working on the details of HOW this will work and will know more in the next few days. As well as working out a costume photo shoot with our photographers for the end of June (more details to come). We are thrilled to see how your dancer has progressed this season. Even though we are not in the same physical space, we are seeing GREAT improvements in your dancers and we can't wait to showcase this!

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