Triple S Dance Competition Results

This past weekend we attended Triple S Dance Competition in Grand Forks. This is our 8th season competing at Triple S. Each season, we compete against several studios. We get to see their growth and their creativity come to life on stage, along with our own dancers develop and growth. To give our dancers who are interested the opportunity to be able to have performance outlet is so valuable for them to grow as dancers. This season we have two teams - Prima (Advance) & Premiere (Intermediate); as well as our G Crew (who perform at in-town competitions).

We just want to congratulate ALL dancers and teams this weekend on their success. Below are the Gasper's School of Dance results for the weekend if you are interested.

Prima Team - Kung Fu

Triple S Dance Competition - Information

  • Three levels of competition: Triple S (highest), Double S, Single S

  • They hand out: 1 Star, 2 Star & 3 Star (highest) for awards to adjudicate each piece.

  • Top 3 in a category receive a trophy

  • Top 3 in OVERALL for age group & level receive a plaque.

  • Top 5-10 OVERALL for age group & level recognized (depending on the amount of numbers)



Special Awards

GRAND CHAMPION: Kung Fu (Prima Team Small Group Ballet)

This was the highest scoring number for the weekend.


These dancers re-perform their numbers. Three encore performances are chosen each day. One winner is chosen from the three from the judges.

  • Friday: Bsiness of Love - Alex Kirch (Double S - Jazz Solo)

  • Saturday: No Church in the Wild - Prima Team (Triple S - Jazz Small Group)

  • Sunday: This Is It - Mateo Leslie (Triple S - Tap Solo)


  • Friday: Business of Love - Alex Kirch (Double S Jazz)


These awards are given by the judges of something that stands out.

  • Best Musicality: Glory - Prima Team (Triple S - Lyrical Small Group - Saturday Awards #2)

  • Best Presentation: Sitting on Top of the World - James Kirch (Triple S - Tap Solo - Sunday Awards #1)

  • Best Costume: Sleeping Beauty Variation - Emma Kulla (Triple S - Pointe Solo - Sunday Awards #2)

  • Best Presentation: Hearing - Tegan Lancaster (Triple S - Open Solo - Sunday Awards #2)

  • Awesome Simplicity Award: Business of Love - Alex Kirch (Double S - Jazz Solo - Friday Awards)

Drew & James


Saturday Session 1 (Triple S - Duo / Trios)

Pre-Teen Duo / Trios

  • 2nd Overall: Nocturne - Drew & James (Triple S - Lyrical Duo)

  • 3rd Overall: Sophisticate Lady - Drew & James (Triple S - Jazz Duo)

  • 5th Overall: King Kong - Drew & James (Triple S - Hip Hop Duo)

Senior Duo / Trios

  • 2nd Overall: Breathe - Elisabeth & Tegan (Triple S - Lyrical Duo)

Saturday Session 2 (Triple S - TEEN Small & Large Groups)

  • 1st Overall: Kung Fu - Prima Team (Triple S - Ballet)

  • 10th Overall: Glory - Prima Team (Triple S - Lyrical)

Sunday Session 1 (Triple S - Pre-Teen Solos)