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Competition Season

This weekend marks our competitive teams first competition of the season. The value of competition is more than just going on stage and dancing. So with this upcoming weekends competition ahead of us, we wanted to let our dancers and dance families know what Competitive Dance means to us (just in case your dancer is interested in it for the future).

2009-2010 Team

Competition Team 2010-2011

  • Performance: It gives dancers the opportunity to perform. This helps them become more comfortable on stage and in front of an audience. Which, can carry through later in life when doing presentations in school, work, and even events. Performance is also something we can't fully teach in the classroom, being on stage is a whole different feeling. This is why we have a winter showcase and spring gala, these moments on stage are important for the growth of a dancer and their confidence. Competition dance gives these dancers more opportunities to become comfortable on stage and in front of people.

  • Team Work: Throughout the season, the dancers become close, they learn how to work as a team, work through problem solving and learning from one another. They have to trust in one another to be there for each other on and off stage.

  • Space Awareness: In the competitive dance world, there is no stage "dress rehearsal". The moment you hit the stage you are performing the number. Because of this our dancers learn to be aware of spacing, the space in general, and how to correct themselves to the space. As a group you have to feel where each other are, without always looking at each other.

  • Growth: The growth we see in these dancers is huge. Having the extra time to work on group numbers, to work