Triple S Dance Competition 2017

First and foremost we are super proud of all the dancers who competed in Triple S Dance competition this weekend in Grand Forks. It was our first competition of the 2017 season and the energy and excitement these dancers brought to the stage was contagious! Congratulations to all.

Regardless of score, at GSD we believe that overcoming obstacles, finding ones voice through dance, supporting teammates and other dancers, and sharing their passion and artistry is the most important part of why we do competitive dance.

Each competition is a win for us when the dancers

  • continue to share their art form with an audience and grow more confident as a performing artists;

  • when they continue to grow not only as a dancer, but as a person;

  • when they are inspired by others;

  • when they make friends and continue to blossom current friendships;

  • when they lean on each other when one is ill, injured, having a bad day, or overcoming struggles;

  • when they feel proud of themselves and their hard work;

  • when they know a trophy and winning isn’t everything and that there are greater plans and goals for them as a dancer;

  • when you are recognized for supporting others, even if they are not your own teammates.

To say we are proud of them seems like an understatement. These are just a few important lessons. We learn from each competition, rehearsal, and time spent together. We continue to grow and encourage our dancers to work hard, not for the next competition but for themselves to grow as a dancer, and to continue to challenge themselves and to share their passion through dance on the stage.

Also, thank you to the GSD staff that attended competition this weekend and those who have worked with these dancers this season.

Below is a list of adjudicated results, as well as any specialty awards GSD dancers / studio received.