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Dress Code Update — Male Dancers

We are dedicating this whole post to our male (and those who identify as male) dancers. Please review the following so you are coming to class in the appropriate attire.

Ballet Levels: Novice, 1, 2, Men’s Dance, Teen, Adult

  • White, black or maroon T-Shirt or Tank Top (no designs or logos)

  • Athletic Pants or shorts

  • Teens & Adults (Dance Belt suggested)

  • Black Ballet Slippers

  • Hair tied back if it is long

Ballet Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

  • Fitted Shirt or Tank Top - White, Maroon, or Black (no designs or logos)

  • Black Male Ballet Tights, black bike shorts, fitted black athletic joggers, black athletic shorts

  • Biketard (black)

  • Black ballet Slippers

  • Dance belt (when appropriate, feel free to talk to a male instructor for guidance, information also in this post).