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Lyndsey Knutson

Instructor: Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Tap Tone & Stretch, Lyrical  | Competition Coach Premiere Team & GSD Crew

Lyndsey Knutson is well versed in all styles of dance and performing arts. She is an alumnus from Elite Dance and Performing Arts, which was once named "largest and most prestigious dance studios in the Phoenix AZ Metropolitan area." Lyndsey was a national competitive dancer for ten years and has been trained in commercial acting and musical theater. Appearing in numerous stage and televised productions, including a tour through Europe ending with a nationally televised performance in Rosa, Spain, she was also a featured dancer for Showstoppers Entertainment Company in AZ . 


Lyndsey has trained with the most influential and sought after entertainers in the business such as: Mia Michaels, Dee Caspary, Mandy Moore, Eddie Stratchan, John Crutchman, Joe Lanteri, Rhonda Miller, Alan Sherfield, Desmond Richardson, just to name a few. Working closely with and growing up taking class beside some well known names of today, such as: Tokyo-Kevin Inouye (Master teacher/well known choreographer), Nick Torres (Played Billy Elliot on Broadway in Billy Elliot), Robert McKee (Gus Giordano Jazz Co, Chicago, IL), and Bridget Mc-carter and Ade Obayomi ("So You Think You Can Dance"), she is part of a legacy of professional success.


Lyndsey is originally from Fergus Falls MN, moved to Arizona as a child and has now currently lives in Moorhead MN. She is married to Kyle Knutson and they have a 5 year old son named Chance. Her dream had always been to open a studio of her own that provided the highest quality instruction in a fun and nurturing environment.  With the help of her wonderful husband and family support this dream came true for Lyndsey. Edge Dance and Performing Arts in Fergus Falls MN was open 2006-2018 . After a military relocation to Texas in 2018 they closed the studio.


She is now excited for another great season (both recreational and competitive) working with Gaspers School of Dance! Constantly evaluating the dance world of today and updating material accordingly, she helps provide her students with the tools they need to become a well rounded dancer and performer. She wholeheartedly believes in "Building Confidence-Making Memories-Inspiring All". Lyndsey adores her students and feels honored to be a part of their lives. 



Lyndsey has been teaching and choreographing dance, both competitive and non-competitive, for over 20 years and takes pleasure in watching students not only progress in their training, but also grow as confident individuals.

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