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covid-19 in studio policies

It is extremely important to Gasper’s School of Dance to communicate with our parents. We want all families to feel that we have done everything we can to be a safe space for your dancers. If you are not ready to bring your child back to our studio in person, we will continue to provide class virtually. Below are our policies and protocols as we head back into the studio. Please know these are subject to change.



UPDATED: Aug 28, 2021


With a lot of consideration, discussion, and thought, we have been reading, listening and watching the changes from the CDC, as well as those of the State of North Dakota and the State of Minnesota Guidelines, policies, and recommendations, we have updated our COVID-19 studio policies. 

Please note that we want to continue to hold in person classes and keep our staff and students healthy and safe. We can only do this with the help of each family and student doing their part. If someone who attends unmasked and is later found to have COVID-19, the studio will close in person classes for 10 days for students and staff who attended the same day and location of that infected person. At that time those classes will move to ZOOM and no refunds or credits will be given. Dancers, parents, and staff who harass, tease, or bully others who wear OR don't wear a mask will be asked to leave the studio. No refunds, credits or exchanges. This will not be tolerated.


• Masks will be optional, BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL starting with our Summer 2021 Session. We still HIGHLY encourage mask wearing in our spaces and classrooms as many youth are still not eligible to be vaccinated. This is also recommended by the CDC, ND and MN.
• Instructors have the authority to request the class to wear a mask during the class time. We will try to let you know as soon as we know this information if your class will be required to wear one. We care for the well being of our staff and students and want everyone to feel comfortable and safe.
• Unvaccinated people should still wear a face covering inside the building and classroom at all times.
• Those who are FULLY VACCINATED have the option of wearing a face covering inside the building (per CDC guidelines, however, CDC as of Aug 2021 highly recommends vaccinated individuals to also wear a mask indoors).
• CDC Information and Guidelines states: ALL fully vaccinated people may continue on their activities indoors and outdoors unmasked. The CDC defines "fully vaccinated" as two weeks after receiving a second jab of a two-dose vaccine, or two weeks after the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
• Continue to distance yourself from other students and staff.
• Have a mask in your dance bag in case an instructor requires their class to wear one.


• If your dancer is ill, has a fever, or has any symptoms of Covid-19, keep them home. 
• Dancer's may ZOOM class from home, please contact us for the zoom link.
• Classes missed can be made-up by the end of the July 2021 Session.
• Hand sanitizer will continue to be available at the front door and lobby desk (as well as the classrooms). 
• Dancer's, Staff and Instructors are encouraged to wash hands often and sanitize.
• Classroom barres and common areas will continue to be cleaned and sanitized regularly.



• We will continue to social distance our dancers in our taped squares (remaining at least 6 feet apart). 
• Dancer's should wear a mask if they are within 6 feet of other dancer's.
• Class sizes will remain at a limit.
• We will ask instructors to avoid choreography where dancer's touch other dancer's. And to continue distancing dancer's during class exercises, across the floor, etc.
• Masks will be optional for our staff who are fully vaccinated (again as per the CDC guideline that people who are fully vaccinated can be unmasked.) HOWEVER, we will ask our instructors to put on a mask if they need to approach your dancer or correct your dancer in close proximity.
• Hand sanitizer will continue to be available in all studios. 
• Students should avoid high-fives and hugging other students and instructors.


LOBBY (remains closed)

• Our lobbies will remain closed to all non-dancers. 
• UPDATED 8/28/2021: Novice Classes (Itty Bitty Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Jazz, Novice Tap). ONE parent or guardian may enter the building with their dancer to get them settled, shoes on and into the classroom. You may not enter the classroom unless invited by an instructor. After your dancer has entered the classroom, we ask that you depart the building and return 5 minutes before the end of class.
          -- A note to novice parents. This season we saw great strides in attentiveness with our lobbies closed. As there were less distractions in the studio spaces. ALL NOVICE LEVEL CLASSES will be available to view via ZOOM.
• Those who are FULLY VACCINATED have the option of wearing a face covering inside the building (per CDC guidelines) if entering. Remember, the lobby is closed to ALL NON-DANCERS and GSD Staff and Instructors.
• Hand sanitizer will continue to be available at the front door and lobby desk (as well as the classrooms). 
• Dancer's and staff should continue to stand at least 6 feet apart in common areas. 

Gasper's School of Dance may change these policies at any time as we see fit and needed with little notice. Any updates and changes will be emailed to enrolled families, as well as updated on our website and parent portal policies.

Gasper's School of Dance is a privately owned business and we have the right to change our policy based on what is best for our business. We take in consideration what the CDC and state recommends, but ideally it is our choice as a business to set policies in place that best protect our staff, instructors and students.


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